At the association, we reunite and have a lot of fun !

The meal & sharings allows all participants to get out of their isolation, to share their experience, to see that their not alone living with epilepsy, to make friends, to help each other and want to give back to others by volunteering at the Association or during activities (help with meal services, decorations…).

We collected different thoughts about the meal-sharing at the Association and we conclude that this activity is the one of the only social outing for the people who live with epilepsy.

A great example of social integration with the meal-sharing is the story of two adolescents who never met before (they never went to the same school, they weren’t living in the same town…). They met at the meal-sharing. They then started to become friends and help each other. Before that, they were feeling alone because they were the only ones who lived with epilepsy at their respective school. Now, they feel less alone since they know they can count on each other since they have a similar condition. Their parents feel the same way.